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Saturday, June 17, 2017

The Breakdown - Review

The Breakdown   🌟🌟🌟
by B. A. Paris
Expected publication July 18 2017 by Martin's Press
Finished June 16 2017

I'd advise future readers not to read any reviews as there are spoilers everywhere!  I saw one early on, and they're called spoilers for good reason.  The book blurb will tell you all you want to know.

In B. A. Paris' first book I disliked the characters and didn't care for the writing either, but the ending was pretty good.  This book is not as psychologically disturbing as the first, but I am going to say pretty much the same thing here.  I hated everyone, wanted to slap Cass more than a few times, the dialog is simplistic as well as the execution of the mystery.  The fact that so much time was spent illustrating daily "silent  calls" and that Cass just kept falling for it. Every. Single. Day... is repetitive and tedious and shows a lack of creativity.  Maybe I have watched classic movies like Sorry, Wrong Number and Midnight Lace too many times.  Obviously Cass has not seen either but I'll  bet Paris has.   Also, Cass, did you know you can turn off the ringer and turn on the answering machine?

But the ending, if you can make it there, again saves the day and raises the likeability factor at least one star.  The author's talent lies in how her femme fatale exacts her revenge.  She just needs to work on putting more mystery into her mysteries.
At this point, I am not sure I would read this author again.  But I am grateful to have received ARC copies from both Goodreads firstreads and from NetGalley.  Can't  wait to see what my book club says.

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